Best Astronomy Guide for Beginners

Astronomy for beginners

As a kid, every person has gone through the stargazing activity in their childhood. In childhood no one had knowledge about the vast sky, the planets and the twinkling stars. Curiosity about the sky and stars made children seek answers to their curious questions. Some kids used to question why the stars shine at night and hide in the day? Kids grow up with these innocent questions in their mind. Humans have a fascination with stargazing. Thinking that they will see something in the dark sky. As they have heard the various mythological stories where heaven and hell is mentioned. The ancient tales used to say that Gods live above the sky. Sometimes they spend hours gazing in the sky to find the gods and goddesses. 

Researchers and travel vloggers used to navigate the seas and crossed continents just seeing the star position. Star positions are the best travel guides for humans at early ages.

What are constellations?

Constellations are the collection of stars which can in a group in the night sky. Depending on your location on the planet Earth and the time of year, constellations are seen in the night sky. Constellations play a major role during naming of the stars and meteor showers. As the earth orbits around the sun once each year. Thus the star positions differ every night on the same spot. Because earth’s position is in a different spot in its orbit.

About Astronomy

Stargazing or Astronomy in a real sense signifies the ‘law of the stars’. From the Greek words ‘astron’ means star and ‘nomos’ means regulation. Yet space experts would prefer to precisely characterize it as the ‘logical investigation of heavenly articles. Celestial bodies like stars, planets, comets, and worlds. And the peculiarities that start outside the Earth’s climate as the cosmic background radiation. It is concerned with the advancement, physics, science, chemistry, meteorology, and movement of divine items.  As well as the Evolution and improvement of the universe.

Astronomy is an ancient science subject. Correct observations made by Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. Scientists proved that Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around. As this was declare by catholic churches as per their beliefs. They talk about heavens. And don’t have proofs about the believes. There is still debate between the religious beliefs and scientific proofs about astronomy. Religious beliefs lead to superstitions. Astronomy needs the vast study of astrophysics. 

In today’s generation, the subject of astronomy is based on theories and observations. If you have interest in having a career in astrophysics you just simply gaze at the sky. The sky is very deep and vast to make discoveries only by degree holders. Sky gazing or sky observations are not limit to professional astronomers only. As there are many amateur astronomers who have made many important astronomical discoveries. You don’t need to have a Ph.D degree in astrophysics to make astronomical discoveries. The fact is astronomical societies accept amateur astronomers all points which they make. They encourage the involvement of new astronomers and Astronomy aficionados. You don’t need to gaze just at the clear sky. You can buy your own amateur telescope and watch the sky. 

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