All About Astrology, and Nakshatras


The stargazers and astrologers are always curious to find certain links with each other planets. And they are expert in conveying the messages from the planetary places or positions they see. Stargazers watch the sky throughout day and night to find a link or connections with clusters of stars and their positions. In the similar way astrologers find connection between several planetary houses and their effects upon each other. 

Later, and particularly during Gandhi’s time when the British governed over India. That time a kind of conditioning of the advanced Hindu psyche had occurred. This has prompted the wrong reasoning in some ways. The old and present day Vedic culture, having its underlying foundations in all inclusive cosmology and the sky. They just strictly impact the stories and legends. Misconception and the attendant indifference toward the real essence of soul has been the outcome. Particularly for those affected by Western culture. This is a side effect of the progressive debasement of Kali Yuga, so it isn’t surprising at all.

However, assuming we start practicing profoundly into otherworldly acts of yoga, contemplation and bhakti, by hearing from the incredible masters, and gurus. Then we will find the truth and reality behind the legends of India and will know that its stories hold some merit to it. However the so-called myth is situated in all actuality itself.

About Astrology

Information on Astrology, Nakshatras, and the Moon are a significant piece of this understanding. Astrologers wouldn’t have the option to gather such high data from just mythological stories and other latent sources. The wellspring of the universe and the elements that emerge, bind together forming connections. And control themselves by living and breathing, sustained by its truths and certainties. These natural facts and truths help astrologers to support the truths. Therefore, they can assemble vital information from astrology in regards to the soul and its journey over the course of existence. With this information and some confidence in the framework, astrologers can start to get the truth of the Universe.

About Nakshatras

Although the sun is obviously an extremely important bright light. And the night sky, having illuminating moonlight, had many secrets in the development of astrology (and astronomy), as indicated by Nakshatras. The mythology of the stars of many cultures has been joined or was attached by the constellations of our Milky Galaxy. Not only the signs of the zodiac imposed by the constellations of the Greeks. But many thousands of years before, the Vedic culture of India also had its stars Nakshatra.

There are 27 nakshatras and 9 zodiac lords understood like Grahas. Outside the door, this gives us a combination of 243 variants of influences. Any of the 9 table planets can occupy a Nakshatra position.

Many times, a Graha will combine another in the same Nakshatra, so this variation is added to the analysis. We must also understand the natal chart and use it as a main source for our interpretation. However, an astrologer that dominated the basics can place all the pieces of the puzzle.

An astrologer should be able to weave the history of every single individual chart. At the same time it is not so easy. As an experienced dancer practicing the basics daily to warm up. As astrologers, continue their study of the basics. In any case, astrologers need to continually study and investigate. Many of these basic principles can be found in the Western Vedic Astrology course, Part I, The Planets as a Source of Spiritual Understanding.

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