The Theory of Nothing

Human concept about Nothing

Human concepts depend on human perceptions. If we say there is nothing in the bottle. As per human concept it just means the bottle is empty. And it doesn’t contain anything that we thought of. Perhaps nothing is similar to none. That means the thing in the bottle is no longer available there. The real fact is that to have nothing in the bottle there must be vacuum inside the bottle. The bottle should not weigh oxygen air too. 

The void is the total absence of matter. This would be a perfect vacuum. Space is not a perfect emptiness and it is difficult to say whether a perfect emptiness can exist. An emptiness is the true concept of nothing. And, it is not the true form of nothing. The thing is our concept of nothing and the true form of nothing are two different things.

The true state of nothing is neutrality. Balance between charges in a perfectly organised atom. This perfect atom you can call it the Null Atom. This atom of nothingness is made up of particles of matter and antimatter bound together and separated by neutrons. The null atom is made up of the proton, neutron, electron and their antimatter counterparts. All are attached and continue to destroy each other from neutrons.

The Nothing Universe

We do not know the exact layout of these particles in this perfect atom, but this is irrelevant. All this is an important concepts that everyone in this perfect atom. The electron and the positron do not annihilate with each other, because they occupy different orbital lobes. Again, we do not fully understand the exact supply or arrangement of this atom. They only existed.

Whatever the perfect arrangement, this perfectly neutral Nothing Atom is the only thing that existed in the pre-universe and constituted the whole of infinity. There was no free space between these atoms. There was no movement. Therefore, there was no concept of time. We can use the concept of infinity to give us an idea of ​​the state of the universe up to the point of the event.

Universe of perfect nothingness

Now, we have the universe of perfect nothingness. That is composed entirely of the neutral and perfect Atom of Nothingness. All energy is hermetically seals in the form of particles that make up this universe from nothing. This is the state of the pre-universe (No Universe) in all directions towards infinity. Now, here comes the great dilemma of this theory. Maybe it was nuclear fission or some unknown process originating from this particular form of matter?

Something had to happen in just one of these perfect atoms of nowhere for it to destabilize and start a chain reaction. Is the null atom a very heavy element, where fission would make sense, or is it smaller and some other reaction has occurred? We’re not sure about this. What we do know is that something had to create a destabilization of one of the particles within the atom to trigger an irreversible chain reaction that would have led to the birth of the known universe. We can refer to this as the EVENT.

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