Religious perspective of Amazing Planets

Amazing planets

One perspective that might be challenging for some to comprehend is significant to this realization. All planets have various aspects and dimensions encompassing them. The element of presence noticeable to our eyes. It gives us the feeling that different planets in our planetary group are for the most part without life. In reality stargazers or astronomers have tracked down evidence of shrewd life on different planets. No matter what way that little knowledge is yet open information. The domain is not easily recognizable by our actual eyes. However, human power of vision can’t go into the sublime circles of these planets where devas, holy messengers, and higher creatures exist. 

Domains of Spheres in the Spiritual Universe

Similarly, on encompassing earth there are domains of presence occupied by ethereal creatures imperceptible to our eyes. Some exceptionally progressed and others limited by sad conditions (like ghosts), all planets have various spheres of presence. We can never acquire information on the multi-layered reality on earth with our actual eyes, so how is it that we could hope to go into the higher realities of different planets with them?

There are additionally various kinds of oceans on various planets in the material world. “Siddhanta-siromani”, an old vedic prophetic text portrays them as being of seven assortments:

1) an expanse of salt water

2) an expanse of milk

3) an expanse of curd

4) an expanse of ghee (explained spread)

5) an expanse of sugar stick juice

6) an expanse of alcohol

7) an expanse of sweet water

Our brains might shrug off such an origination of various sorts of seas and oceans. However, for what reason should any of these be more incredible than the ocean of salt water? Like we have here on the planet Earth…

About Various Lokas 

There are some additional timeless planets apparently arranges themselves inside this material universe. Yet they are unavailable all the time for individuals. The text “Laghu-Bhagavatamrita” portrays these everlasting planets as follows: “Above Rudra Loka, the planet of Lord Siva, is the planet naming Vishnuloka. It is 400,000 miles in boundary, and unavailable for any human living being. Over that Vishnuloka is a brilliant island naming Maha-Vishnuloka in the expanse of salt. Brahma and different mythical beings everytime go there to meet Lord Vishnu. Ruler Vishnu lies there with Lakshmi (the goddess of fortune). East of here is the “sea of milk” where inside is the island of Svetadvipa. And where Lord Vishnu dwells with Goddess Lakshmi. His supernatural island is 200,000 square miles and covered with want trees for the delight of the Supreme Lord.”

This planet is classified “Dhruva Loka” and we consider it to be the polestar. It is suppose to be 3,800,000 yojanas over the sun. One yojana is equivalent to 8 miles. Above Dhruva Loka by 10,000,000 yojanas is Maharloka. Above Maharloka by 20,000,000 yojanas is Janaloka. About 80,000,000 yojanas lies Tapaloka. More by 120,000,000 yojanas is Satyaloka. The Vaikuntha planets start 26,200,000 yojanas past Satyaloka.

What are Yojanas?

The sacred writing “Vishnu Purana” portrays that the external covering of the universe starts at 260,000,000 yojanas over the sun. Around 70,000 yojanas beneath the earth start the seven lower planetary frameworks of Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. Beneath these planets 30,000 yojanas is the Garbhodaka Ocean where Sesa Naga lies. This sea is 249,800,000 yojanas profound. This gives a surmised measurement of the universe as 500,000,000 yojanas or 4,000,000,000 miles. These distances determines by the distances between the planetary “planes” of presence. Real distances between planets might be more.

The higher planetary frameworks are the domains of devas, mythical beings, and holy messengers. Bhuvarloka is the home of spooky spirits. It is the lower planet. The lower planets are full of demonic awareness. And has large population of the snakes known as “Nagas”. The lower planets has the chance of improvement to the higher awareness. It incorporates progress learnedness. It begins with people and gradually increases among the occupants of higher planetary frameworks. The earth arranges itself near the centre of these planetary frameworks.

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